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OA Spartans

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OA Spartans

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Fellow Spartan,

Once a Spartan always a Spartan.  That is not just a saying but something that we have all experienced if we have been part of Orangewood Academy, whether from its inception or in the present.  Orangewood Academy Athletics has a long history of keeping Christ at the center, teammates second and the game and its outcome third.  It doesn’t matter if you were present with Coach Windemuth, Coach Tamanaha or currently Coach Aragon, or any other coach, the names and the faces have changed but the mission is still the same. 

We are asking you as part of the Orangewood Academy family to help our Athletic Department move its program to the next level.  I know that with Christ first, the student athletes second and success on the field/court third, together we can make a difference.  Join us along with many others in pledging support to the Student Success Program for the Orangewood Academy Spartans. 

Here are a few ways that you can make a difference:

1. PRAY: Pray for the success of the program and its leadership.

2. VOLUNTEER: Contact Coach Leslie Aragon, the current Orangewood Academy Athletic Director and volunteer, there is no age requirement and experience in not necessary. Here are some ways to share your time:

                  a.  Booster Club

                  b. Game management

                  c. Fundraising and Advertisement

3. DONATE: Make a contribution to the Student Success Program. Here are a few places where your contribution could make a difference: tuition assistance, weight room, bleachers, and many more.  You can make your contributions monthly, yearly or a onetime donation, any donation makes a difference. Let the Holy Spirit impress you on what that should be.

Once a Spartan always a Spartan.  This is not just a saying but a way of life.  Join us to make a difference at OUR school.

To download our Donation Form, please click here

To donate through Pay Pal, please click here:
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